S. DeVoll “Shawn”, LCSW (they/them)


 S. DeVoll "Shawn", LCSW (they/them)

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Practice founder/Therapist/Licensure Supervisor

I'm a neurodivergent, white, non-binary transmasculine, queer social worker based in Portland, Oregon. My social work journey began in 2004 when I entered the field as a substance abuse and mental health counselor. After a decade of working in a myriad of settings with a focus on supporting low income and marginalized clients, I completed my MSW from Portland State University in 2014.

As a first-generation college student, activist, and individual who once navigated the challenges of being an at-risk youth on the streets of Portland, I bring a unique perspective to my work. My own intersectionality, combined with years of direct client engagement and roles in community mental health non-profits, have taught me that we need something different and have shed light on the importance of creating safer and supportive spaces for individuals to thrive. In 2019, I opened Healing Tides Counseling with the goal of creating a safer, collaborative work environment that supports and allows clinicians to practice, learn together, and serve our community from a place of care and integrity.

With over 20 years of experience navigating systems and 15 years working in community mental health middle management, I strive to lead with humility, incorporating trauma-informed interaction and a commitment to fostering growth and development in others.

In my current role, I am guided by a remarkable mentor who encourages me to utilize my privilege to focus on the decolonization of this work. With the invaluable support of her voice and guidance, I drew from that and my own experiences to provide supervision and mentorship, guiding emerging professionals in the field. Grounded in my intersectionality and a deep awareness of my privileges, I am dedicated to creating spaces where individuals can grow and flourish professionally. My approach to supervision is rooted in the principles of equity and empowerment, emphasizing the importance of addressing power dynamics and centering the voices of our communities. I am deeply committed to fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, inclusivity is valued, and each individual's unique experiences are respected and honored.

Above all, I remain committed to promoting social change and advocating for the rights of our communities. It's my belief that by nurturing the next generation of social workers and mental health professionals, we can continue to work towards a more just and equitable society.

Some of my areas of specialty include LGBTQIA2S+, trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, non-religious spirituality, substance abuse, and long-term recovery/trauma work.

"The idea of Healing Tides was Shawn’s; it came from a dream. To support that dream, we came together as a team, como familia (like family). Like my Indigenous ancestors believed, we are one. We have a firm understanding and agreement that we are all connected. Not just us as a team, but us as a community, as a people. We believe in breaking down the walls of colonialism and undoing the trauma that it has caused. Together, we continue to research, study, learn, and collaborate to end the root disease that, as Dr. Jenn Mullan says, \"is entangled deep into our individual and collective psyches.\" I believe that we are the strength of our community, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. We work diligently to decolonize the work we do to make us STRONG SURVIVORS WHO ARE RESILIENT AND POWERFUL IN EVERY WAY." -Elisia Lopez- Mendiola, LCSW

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"S is an incredibly genuine human who truly wants to help people. I had a gender consult with S and I felt so heard and supported in my goals. They have created an LGBTQI+ safe space and I appreciate Healing Tides Counseling so much."

"S’s presence is filled with warmth, genuine caring and authentic empathy with curiosity of possibilities. Their commitment to client centered approach, anti-oppressive practice and social justice makes them an excellent therapist and advocate. I feel seen, heard, and unconditionally accepted by our work together."