Cate Krieger (she/they)

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Cate Krieger (she/they)

My name is Cate (she/they) I’m a currently a master’s level intern collecting hours under supervision of Shanako DeVoll at Healing Tides Counseling.

I live in Portland, Oregon. I am a white presenting polyamorous, queer person of color, living with my partners, my kids, my 3 dogs I'm dying for you to ask me about, and my bestie. I am obsessed with all creatures that have between 2 and 6 legs, and I'm of the belief that there are no creatures with fire that don't suck my heart out of my body with cuteness. I am passionate about all format of art, but hold that music is a powerful, therapeutic expression than can reach across lifespans to evoke emotion.
I spend my summers volunteering in integrated mental health-medical field hospitals using innovative trauma informed approaches to medical and mental health crisis response. I'm deeply passionate about disrupting and rebuilding systems that continually bring harm to vulnerable and marginalized communities. I'm so excited to get to know you!

I believe that all people deserve grace, compassion, dignity, and autonomy to decide what "happiness" looks like for them. I operate from a trauma-informed place that is rooted in a cognitive-behavioral, client-centered approach. I believe that more people are walking around with trauma than there are those that have not experienced trauma. I practice counseling with the understanding that all of us can cause harm even without knowing it; it is my job to be receptive to the trauma my patients have experienced and to create space that honors that journey they have experienced before coming to therapy and the one of growth they are walking now. It is always my goal to create supported space that feels less terrifying to address the mental health elements of your life that stop you from living your dreams.
It's a hard time to be a human that wants to experience joy and contentment in life. When it feels like everything is awful, it's even harder to spend the physical and emotional energy finding a therapist. I offer a sincere congratulations on the effort you're using. I know firsthand how hard it is. No matter who your therapist is once you've chosen, I wish you compassion, I wish you safe space, and I wish you the freedom to figure out your path and how to step into it.

I will be working with folks at Healing Tides Counseling as a master’s level intern for a sliding fee. Please contact Admin for more information. I work with adults 18+.